Thanks for sharing the tutorial! The quilt pattern is comprised of a 10x10 grid. Free quilt pattern: Queueing Up tablerunner. Digital Download - Big Wonky Star Quilt Pattern by Missouri Star. It is darling in both pastels and/or brights for baby. Thanks for this! 13 Big Star 33 x 36 1/2 Materials 1 yard background fabric 6 quarter‐yard cuts, or 12 charm squares for star points. ), ( And they love Layer Cakes! In reality, though, the quilt is pretty simple to construct, even if you are a beginning quilter. I'm saving the hand-stitching for later in the week when we'll be on a road trip. Thanks, Jeni. In fabric choices make sure that you have a good contrast between the background fabric, medium fabric and the dark fabric to ensure th e design of the pattern will stand out. :). :) I cut the 17.5 inch background squares in half and I realize now that I should have used the 18 inch squares - like the prints squares. This is definitely on my to do list now!Thanks so much for sharing :D! Great tutorial! Coconut. Giant Star Baby Quilt Pattern. Atom Thank you so much for the tutorial. You've been featured on the Quality Sewing Tutorials blog.We hand select only the best free tutorials and patterns for home sewers.Grab a brag button! ), ( Big Star Quilt – It’s All About the Shoes 84” x 108” (after washing) – lock Size 24.5” This quilt can be made by using layer cakes or yardage. Tile Play - Shimmer Precuts - FREE DOWNLOAD. ), ( Start to finish in under 2 hours, might just have to make another, Love this pattern! I made one! 11 DIY And Crafts. For the length, start at your chin then all the way down to your feet and add 12". Big thanks to Sew Shabby Quilting for the quilting on this one. ), ( She used Grey SuperBob pre-wound bobbins on the back of the quilt to blend in. Thanks for your inspiration! This difficult to master quilt pattern, when mastered, was and is a test of the quilter's nerves and patience. Made with French General fabrics (more then one line) and using the Moonlight pattern by Gerri Robinson, from her book A Cut Above. This is super cool! This one from Amy Smart is a particular favorite of mine. THANKS for this great page! And YES I do use my quilts for sleeping. May 31, 2018 - One giant block makes an 80 x 80 inch quilt. I especially love how you gave examples of how you can use different numbers of fabric colors. The Royal Star quilt is a single block blown up to 80″ square. Flea Market Flowers Sew Along Guide Flea Market. When I created this pattern, I didn't expect it, but this quilt turned really out as a Mega Star in my portfolio: It became one of my bestselling patterns. Baby's Big-Block Star Quilt I found the pattern for this baby quilt in a magazine. Awesome pattern! This tutorial shows how to bind – or finish – a quilt. Carrot. If the quilting is successful the contrasting color typically looks really good..but it the quilting is bad, there is no hiding it. Royal Star. What could be easier? Missouri Star 2.5" x 8" Ruler. Thanks for collecting all these charm patterns in one place and sharing them with your readers. Especially so when the entire quilt was hand sewn and quilted. Angela’s vibrant colors and dark background fabric make it modern, yet it could be just as striking in other colorways such as soft pastels or modern prints. Fabric Requirements: Color 1 & 2 (my red & blue) ¾ yard each Color 3 (star background, corner squares, and sashing) 2 ¼ yard Color 4 (my navy, snowball corners and sashing cornerstones) 3/4 yard Borders ¾ yard Cutting instructions for 4 big star blocks: This quilt pattern is an easy one for a beginning quilter because it only requires a single piece of fabric. ... Star Baby Quilt Tutorial. This quilt comes from a tutorial by Missouri Quilt Company. I love the tutorial and I think I can do it. Quilt Pattern & Kit - Sew the Braided Star Botanicals Hydreangea quilt in shades of blue, purple, and green. ). ), ( It also can be made in miniature by using charm squares. Fabric Crafts. I've been looking around for quilt patterns and ideas like this! Angela Clark of Thread Waggle Quilting and APQS Raleigh created a wall hanging that is simple yet stunning. Now I wish I had saved all those patterned sheets I donated to charity over the years. In the winter we use it in the car to keep him warm. So each square made up of two HST measures at 17.5" when it is done?? It also can be made in miniature by using charm squares. This popular pattern is great for showcasing prints, color blocking with solids, and more. I quilted it with brown thread. I machine stitched the top of my binding on my quilt using your (this) pattern last night. 150 Jenny's MSQC Apron . Oh well, too late now. Introducing the newest block-of-the-month pattern exclusively from The Quilting Company: Morris Star, a medallion-style bed quilt that puts beautiful William Morris prints in the spotlight. I love it! Big Star Quilt – It’s All About the Shoes 84” x 108” (after washing) – lock Size 24.5” This quilt can be made by using layer cakes or yardage. please advise.. The traditional starflower block uses a single fabric for each 'petal'. Thanks for the tutorial. Love! Sweet Sixteen by Andover Fabrics. When printing a pattern with templates, the templates must be printed to actual scale. It is my first quilt top to complete, Thanks for the pattern and tutorial! Occasionally, I receive fabric/notions/books in exchange for posting about them. Oh well, I'll have to go back and buy someone else's. i plan to make one out of a layer cake., I have found great star tutor via ), ( Can't wait to try. This site uses affiliate links. ), ( Star quilts don’t have to be super complicated. Love that fabric you've used! Stars and Stripes VIII Oven Mitts - FREE DOWNLOAD. This colorful table runner pattern comes from Rebecca Gore, daughter of APQS dealer Brenda Shreve of Red Barn Quilting in Barnsdall, OK. I've had this tutorial bookmarked for well over a year now and I finally finished making it this week. They are Modern Wave and Modern Wave 2. Oh, I need some advice, please.The fabrics that I want to use are only 6.65 inches long by 44 inches wide.So, my squares can only be 6 inches finished. Layer Cakes - Best Selection of 10" Squares on the web!. Any ideas how to make this bigger, say 80" or 90" square? I used a Creative Grid 60⁰ Triangle Ruler (#CGRT60) to cut … 425 Cake Mix, Books and Patterns. Made with time-honored template techniques, this stunning quilt is “a magnum opus” according to BOM video instructor Jenny Kae Parks. Especially so when the entire quilt was hand sewn and quilted. I want to buy new fabric but can't sanction it with all of my stash that's quickly becoming Vintage LOL Thanks for sharing! © 2009-2020 Jeni Baker, In Color Order LLC. I just love this Giant Vintage Star Quilt! I used 2'' HST's (half square triangles) so my mini quilt is 20''. That's really beautiful! ), ( Jenny - Almost! i have a friend that would like a picnic quilt. It has some other names and variations, one of which is carpenter's wheel. Great tutorial! This quilt drew me to your blog first! Pieced my top together last night, can't wait to finish it and upload a picture, your going to love it! Ick. Thanks for the tutorial. 25 Chocolate. Article from You are always going to make color and pattern choices that are unique and unlike anyone else, this is just one of the things that makes homemade quilts so special. This difficult to master quilt pattern, when mastered, was and is a test of the quilter's nerves and patience. Thanks for this and sorry I didn't see it sooner! The Carpenter's Star quilt block pattern can be configured in several ways. Blurred Lines - Shimmer Strips FREE DOWNLOAD . So when they... Read more. Any Pixelated quilt pattern would be the same concept. I have made two of these stars now and have one more to go! © 2016-2021 APQS. This popular pattern is great for showcasing prints, color blocking with solids, and more. Both are available at I notice a lot of people who do both. Kxx. Let's start with a modern take on a totally well known traditional quilt - a Lone Star Quilt: Mega Star, a modern Christmas Quilt Pattern by Zen Chic. Quilted by Vicki Jenkin. Butterfly Garden Quilt The Emporium Collection. They say 30 block each, estimating that you can use the remaining squares for the snowballs, cobblestones and corners. Cheryl from Meadow Mist Designs, deconstructs the traditional Ohio Star in this memorizing and modern quilt. I am going to pick my colors/fabrics today and start this within the week! Mix. As with any quilt, it's important to understand a few construction basics before you begin and practice new skills if necessary. Thank you for the tutorial. Instructions: All seams are ¼" wide. Browse Block Patterns by Name! But it is an easy quilt. If you are using 4 fabrics for the star, arrange your triangles so that the star points... Use half the triangles from each star fabric to make the 4 squares in the center of the quilt. So I have been on a mission to make an eight-point star quilt block with no y-seams. Expanding Stars is one of those quilts that looks great with simple quilting. Which is better?My email is If you'd like to help support The Quilter's Cache, click here May 14th Lette rs from Mamabear . by Missouri Star Quilt Co. Rose Gold Plated Forged Scissors. Maybe I'm just misreading your instructions..... LOVE this and all the options to put it together. Create 2 Navy/White Half square triangles. Quilting. ... Free Patterns. You can snag this one here. I was going through my stash the other day and realized that I have several large scale floral and other big prints that would be lost if I cut them up for traditional sized blocks, but they would be perfect for a giant star like yours. Using a 120 inch tape measure, put the end over the side about 6", have it travel to you, gently tuck it to you then over your back, and tuck gently then continue to the other side of the bed and over 6". Backing: 3 yards of 108 inch wide backing fabric (cut to 92 x 104 inches) Step 7: Make the Quilt Sandwich. Usually, it was a Lone Star or Broken Lone star quilt, which is one huge block for the entire quilt. How clever! I'm making one now in red black and white! Jenny Doan demonstrates how to make a beautiful patchwork Big Wonky Star quilt using 10 inch squares of precut fabric (layer cake) and a bit of quilting fabric yardage. It was used as a. play-quilt until Baby began crawling. Powered by, ( Read more. Finished size: 42½ by 42½ inches. I used a Creative Grid 60⁰ Triangle Ruler (#CGRT60) to cut … Easy construction makes this a fast, fun quilt to make. You may choose to do whatever you'd like for your quilt! My grandson just went in to the Navy and would like a quilt instead of what the Navy offers as a blanket. ), ( Sometimes I cut my own 5″ squares and just plug them into a charm pattern. 59 My quilt was donated to Miracle Quilts for wounded soldiers of Oxford MI. I already brought up all my vintage sheets from the basement and before I cut into them, I wanted to ask-- Will the quilt be the right size for a twin bed?? Quilt pattern: Big Star [Free download] June 28, 2016 Angela Clark of Thread Waggle Quilting and APQS Raleigh created a wall hanging that is simple yet stunning. I am totally making one of these; thank you so much! the easiest quilt top I've ever made, didn't use any vintage fabrics at all just stuff from my stash, tutorial was so easy to understand, thank you. ), ( The points of the green band will be at the edge of a block once it is sewn into a quilt. If you use 4'' HST's you'll get a 40'' baby quilt… Silly me for not reading your tutorial first, but I think I did OK!, I'm almost finished with the first of 2 quilt tops I'm making using this tutorial. 55 Flurry by Ruby Star Society. Thanks for keeping this blog a positive place, I appreciate the time you are taking to leave a comment! Can't wait to make one! I used the Downton Abbey line and added some borders with smaller stars and it came out so stunning!! Learn how to quilt this beautiful Diamond Loops border. Please do not use my photos, graphics or blog content without my permission. I had been storing my vintage sheets for just the right pattern and when I saw yours, I knew this was it! So beautiful! Kelsey from lovely and enough is making beautifully crafted individual Ohio Star blocks and then screenprinting on top of them for added dimension and texture. Lots of inspiration here, thanks! Calling all quilters: Now is our time to help our communities! Thanks for the tutorial! Quilting with Marcia Hohn's Quilter's Cache! Jenny is sewing with a "Voysey" 2018 Layer Cake by V&A for Moda. Star Quilts are a great start for learning how to get those points right the first time– can be tricky! ), ( Like their namesake (Texas) the lone star state, this difficult pattern is one of the oldest ones in American quilting. It's my first quilt ever! Pair one Navy 13″ x 13″ pieces of fabric with one of the White 13″ x13″ pieces of fabric. In this APQS video tutorial Angela Huffman, APQS dealer and educator, shares a filler design that's based on a headband filler (or paisley filler or peacock filler). 40 This is perfect! If I was making a quilt from this pattern, I would choose star fabrics with a bit more contrast than those I chose for this example. Royal Star. LOVE the quilt. Big Star Block is right – these layer cakes are on steroids! Finishing the 8 Point Sawtooth Star Quilt Pattern Batting. So, from your quarter yard of red fabric, you’re going to take that and you are going to cut four nine-inch squares. The best part is that it is a very quick project—you can move from cutting the fabric to quilting it and doing the binding in an afternoon., I hope you can help me. Cosmo Oxygen Lap Quilt - FREE DOWNLOAD. The photo shows a quilt with 4" borders. :o) Then proceed to patterns below! I used 2'' HST's (half square triangles) so my mini quilt is 20''. CluckCluckSew has beautiful easy to follow patterns! I love it! ), ( It consists of 64 pieces for 18" finished size. This is so beautiful! This is so awesome Jeni! Hmm, I can't wait to go through the stash tonight (and ignore the pile of unfinished-ness!). This is so lovely! In fact, she has since been busy buying more colors of Omni because of the way it adds texture. Cake Mix. thanks, Dutchie in Henderson,, I just made this quilt top last night and love the results. You can make it any size. Love this tutorial so much, I finally shared it (and the Warm/Cool quilt along) with my blog readers. Thank you so much for sharing this! choice of colors and such a simple and sweet pattern. Hi Jeni! Quilting. I love that I can show off my big favorite prints. Just trying to clear up confusion. 43 That was a debate on my part. All rights reserved. By continuing to browse, you agree to our use of cookies. Check these folks out! Go for simple, or complicated. free quilt pattern courtesy of Moda "In From The Cold" free quilt pattern courtesy of Moda "And Sew On" free quilt pattern courtesy of Henry Glass Fabrics "2wenty-Thr3e" free quilt pattern courtesy of Moda "Woodland Floral" free quilt pattern courtesy of Maywood Studio "Almost a Flower Garden" free quilt pattern courtesy of Robert Kaufman Fabrics i'll probably make it bigger than yours, but i had considered making just one giant star in the center. So traditional and pretty! Can't wait, I LOVE this! How did you quilt it? I saw this block on another blog and it sent me to you. I will try again This quilt features one large Sawtooth Star Quilt block, sometimes called a variable star. Like their namesake (Texas) the lone star state, this difficult pattern is one of the oldest ones in American quilting. You can make it any size. Looks wonderful with the vintage sheets. I wish I would have picked this for my first quilt instead of finicky hourglass blocks, eep! $12.00 Butter and Blue Pattern … The hunter's star quilt pattern looks a bit complicated at first glance. ), ( Land of Nod by Christine Stainbrook 48"x50" -Pattern available in March, 2021 Snow Fun Quilt by Christine Stainbrook 49"x49" -Pattern Available September, 2021 Naughty or Nice Quilt by Marsha Evans Moore 48"x48" -Pattern Available in May 2021 For my binding I cut four strips of fabric 2 1/2″ x the width of the fabric (42″). All my quilts get loved. This simple quilt has just 28 pieces to sew together, plus the border. So glad I found you...I just want to tell you I became a follower and that I just LOVE your giant star quilt. Planning on using bright colors in the colorwheel! Size Options: Throw Quilt (68"), Baby Quilt (36"), Pillow (24") Style Options: Use as many as 16 different prints or showcase a single print. Big Star Quilt. (I would die to see an ombre teal version!) Angela has been busy preparing for the Row by Row Experience at her shop in Raleigh. Hug your children close. I'm headed to pick out some fabric now! sigh... Maybe you could spell that out in your directions for future beginners. The free star quilt pattern for Ozark Star table topper is easy and quick to make. To measure - get in the bed. Quilt blocks are magical. I will clearly state this in the post if this is the case. Thanks so much for sharing your pattern. Carpenter's Star quilt blocks are sometimes known by other names -- the most common is Carpenter's Wheel. Lone star quilt patterns have a rich and varied history. The final quilt will definitely be mini at 14 1/2″ square! There are more than 10 star quilts to sew! I thought I knew what you meant, but newbies might not. Just magnificent! 3 ), ( Plan to make more than one—your friends and family will surely want one too! Trim and square up to 12 ½″ x 12 ½″. I just found you from AmyLouWho and I'm so excited about your giant star quilt! Star Quilt Blocks .. Thank you for this wonderful pattern!! Now I can't wait to make one. by Allary Corporation. Choose 2 color families (for example, blue & gold, big prints & little prints), and select 1 to 4 fabrics in each color family. My Account | ... Big Star Pop Pattern Download. Jenn. Nice tutorial - thank you! I've put all the Christmas fabrics displayed on this website in December on one page. Love it and thank you so much for this. My mom's "signature quilt pattern" was an eight-point star. Thank you for sharing this. Stars are really a basic for quilting. Thank you for the great tutorial and inspiration! The best part of this easy quilt pattern roundup is the many of these quilt patterns include step by step tutorials with photos to help you sew your quilt.

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