The maximum speed the vehicle can achieve. Click on any vehicle to compare photos of the interior and boot.) BMEP takes into account engine's volume, rpm and power output. The maximum torque the engine can produce. Modelår. Furthermore, the front and rear track are 1588.00 mm and 1604.00 mm respectively and the wheelbase is 2849.00 mm. Message dealer. The oiling system used for lubricating the engine's parts is wet sump. The horizontal distance between the centers of the front and rear wheels. The length ranges from 4778mm to 4830mm. The name of the company, which has manufactured the enginge. All manufacturers' logos, marques, and all other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. A transverse engine is mounted so that the engine's crankshaft axis is perpendicular to the long axis of the vehicle. Ford Mondeo din 2020 (7) Ford Mondeo din 2019 (22) Ford Mondeo din 2018 (29) Ford Mondeo din 2017 (22) Ford Mondeo din 2016 (53) Ford Mondeo din 2015 (40) Ford Mondeo din 2014 (8) Ford Mondeo din 2013 (12) Ford Mondeo din 2012 (14) Ford Mondeo din 2011 (12) ); Wheelbase 2850 mm (112.2 in. Expresses the aerodynamic efficiency of the vehicle and is measured by multiplying the drag coefficient (C. The maximum amount of fuel that the vehicle's fuel tank can hold. See all Ford Mondeo 2010 pricing and specs. Papp Tibor. The gear ratio of the top gear. 6) Horsepower/Torque Curve Sorry, there are no cars that match your search, Sorry, there are no models that match your search. The maximum width and height is 1886mm x 1512mm and can vary on the basis of model. ); Width 1886 mm (74.25 in. Find out more. Contemporary automobiles achieve a drag coefficient from 0.30 to 0.35. The lubricating oil system used to oil the engine's parts. The distance between the front and rear axle. PERFORMANCE AND ECONOMY . The series the vehicle's model belongs to. ); Width 1886 mm (74.25 in. Highlighted items are for OEM wheels, the rest are replacement options MK4 [2007 .. 2010]: 1.6Ti 123hp 1.8TDCi 99hp 2.0TDCi 138hp 2.0i 143hp 2.2TDCi 173hp 2.3i 158hp 2.5i 217hp MK4 Restyling [2010 .. … An air-to-air or air-to-liquid heat exchange device used between the turbo and the intake manifold to reduce the temperature of the air, which increases its density. See the table below for a comprehensive list of dimensions for the Ford Mondeo 2010 including the height, width, length and more for each vehicle. Our database has the answer, Everything you need to know to keep you and your family as safe as possible, Helpful advice before you finance your next car, Tips for getting the right insurance and how to make a claim, Everything you need to know when sizing up your new car. Galériák. Mærke og model. Pris (kr) Ford Mondeo 2,0 Trend Collection stc. The amount of fuel used by the vehicle to cover the distance of 100 kilometers where the speed varies from 80 to 120 km/h. The vehicle can accelerate for 8.10 s from 0 to 100 km/h. The average CO. Information about the front suspension mechanism used in the vehicle. The second Australian series Ford Mondeo, which is fully imported from Belgium, has a 2.3-litre four-cylinder petrol engine, or a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel. FORD MONDEO SPECIFICATIONS . Menu. 2010 Ford Mondeo $9,990* AUD Excl. Information about the brake system used on the rear wheels. That means, even in the Mondeo’s heaviest guise, it’s over 100kg lighter than the BMW 3-Series, Mercedes C-Class and VW Passat. 2010 Ford Mondeo III Wagon (facelift 2010) specs, Fuel consumption, Dimensions. Ford launched the fourth generation of the Mondeo in 2006 and, four years later, it introduced the facelifted version for it. The time in seconds the vehicle needs to do a quarter mile. Mazda 6 … 222 Resultaten van Ford Mondeo van 2010. îmi folosește datele personale în conformitate cu Declarația de confidențialitate și Politica privind modulele cookie și alte tehnologii similare.S.C. Afstand (km) Vælg kolonne. ); Height 1512 mm (59.53 in. We've listed all relevant models here. 2010 Ford Mondeo diesel estate, Hi-spec Zetec model finished more... Waterford: Castletown Car … Detailed advice for you - the tradie - on what car is right for you and your job. The steering mechanism aims to ensure that the wheels are pointing in the desired directions. The amount of fuel used by the vehicle to cover the distance of 100 kilometers where the speed varies from 0 to 50 km/h. Prin clic pe butonul Inregistreaza-te, accept Termenii de utilizare. The width is 1886mm across all variants. The width is measured with doors and windows closed and the wheels in a straight-ahead position. Start of production 2010; End of production 2014 | Hatchback Power: from 115 Hp to 240 Hp Length 4784 mm (188.35 in. Dimensions of new Ford cars showing length, width and height ... Ford Mondeo. 2010.09.13. The maximum torque and maximum power of the engine are 449 Nm at 1750 rpm and 147 kW / 200 ps at 3500 rpm respectively. Cote Ford MONDEO - 2010 280 versions pour ce véhicule Trier par : Affiner ma recherche. Bouwjaar tot 2010. Ford Mondeo Estate 2.2 TDCI is a station wagon (estate, shooting brake) with 5 seats, front wheel drive (FWD) and 5 doors. 254 versions pour ce véhicule Trier par : Affiner ma recherche. The letter J represents the wheel contour. The distance from the floor to the top-most part of the vehicle. Detailed advice for you - the tradie - on what car is right for you and your job, Looking for an answer? OLX Online Services S.R.L. Ford Mondeo Sportbreak. Longitudinal engine is mounted so that the crankshaft is paralel to the long axis of the vehicle. Mondeo 5-Door . ); Torque is the turning effect, produced when force is applied to rotate an object around an axis, fulcrum, or pivot. Ford Mondeo 2010. The total volume of the air/fuel mixture an engine can produce during one complete cycle. Zoekopdracht opslaan Opslaan. In Addition to that you will get info regarding Ford Mondeo 4 Estate S 2.2 TDCi 200HP Titanium Performace, Size, Dimensions, Aerodynamics, and Weight. This unit features double overhead camshaft valve gear, 4 cylinder layout, and 4 valves per cylinder. The year since the model has been in production. Nieuw aanbod per e-mail ontvangen Meldingen. The alignment/orientation of the engine in the vehicle. Family focused reviews and advice for everything family car related. Filteren ); The smallest possible diameter of the circle described by the outside wheels when the vehicle is turning on full lock. It also has inline-arranged cylinders. How To, off-road tips and adventure travel destinations, Not just utes. The dimensions shown above are for the Ford Mondeo LX 2.3L, ULP, 6 SP AUTO . Ford Mondeo 2010 - Découvrez les ajustements correctes de jantes alliages, de Entraxe, de Déport et les différentes caractéristiques telles que les diamètre de perçage, les filetages et les alésages pour Ford Mondeo 2010. Alle (34) Forhandler (32) Privat (2) Dato. Kun Salg Til Virksomheder, Derfor Er Du Fortsat Velkommen Til At Se Bilen, Kontakt Os For En Aftale, Manuel Gear, 2 Zone Klimaanlæg, Org. Current Ford Mondeo dimensions to compare with previous models Ford Mondeo 2019 dimensions: Ford Mondeo 2015 dimensions: Comparison of new cars with similar size to the Ford Mondeo 2019: (Sorted from smallest to largest length. Encontrá Ford Mondeo 2010 - Ford Mondeo en! The power is produced by a naturally aspirated engine of 2 litre capacity. The width is 1886mm across all variants. 5d. 2010 Ford Mondeo diesel hatchback, 140 bhp. III (2) 1.6 TI-VCT 120 TITANIUM BVM 5 5P Essence 7 cv 5 portes Méca. A TCTV-BEN. Ford Mondeo 2.2 TDCI is a 5-door hatchback with 5 seats and front wheel drive (FWD). The fuel system type used to store and supply fuel in the cylinder chamber. Some engines are naturally aspirated, while others are turbo/supercharged. E.g. Found the Ford Mondeo of your dreams? L x W x H: 4867 x 1852 x 1501 mm Boot capacity: 383 - 525 dm 3. Govt. The width of the vehicle. In general, the brake system transmits the force from the brake pedal to the brake pads, which allows the vehicle to slow down and stop. Milyen nem lesz a cégautód? Most internal combustion engines have bores in the 70 mm - 105 mm range. It reduces the toxicity of the emissions from the engine by causing a chemical reaction that transforms harmful gases into less harmful substances. See the table below for a comprehensive list of dimensions for the Ford Mondeo 2010 including the height, width, length and more for each vehicle. Other Ford Mondeo (2007 - 2014) models: Ford Mondeo Saloon (2007 - 2010) Ford Mondeo Estate (2007 - 2014) Ford Mondeo Hatchback (2007 - 2014) Fiches techniques Ford MONDEO 2010 . This model is initiated in 2010. The vehicle has the following dimensions: width - 1887.00 mm, height - 1511.00 mm, length - 4837.00 mm. 06:51. Information about the body type of this vehicle. The size/type of the front wheels. L x W x H: 4784 x 1916 x 1381 mm Wondering how much air to put in your tyres? The final drive ratio expresses the ratio between the number of rotations of the drive shaft for one rotation of a wheel or the ratio between the number of revolutions of the pinion for one revolution of the drive axle. The weight of a vehicle with standard equipment and all necessary operating consumables, without passengers or cargo. This model has a drag coefficient of 0.29, its drag area being 0.6757 m. is not responsible for the accuracy of the information it publishes - technical data, characteristics, specifications, indicators, etc. You have any questions about Ford Mondeo 2.0 2010? Its 4 cylinder, double overhead camshaft turbocharged engine has 4 valves per cylinder and a displacement of 2 litres. 2010 Ford Mondeo LX MB Auto MY11. The time in seconds in which the vehicle accelerates from 0 to 60 miles per hour. The engine displacement is the sum if the displacement of its cylinders, which includes the volume of the space between the upper and lower dead point of every cylinder. The type of engine coolant system used to remove the heat from the engine. The name of the company, which has manufactured this vehicle. The vehicle is 4785.00 mm long, 1887.00 mm wide and 1499.00 mm high. The transmission can increase the torque while reducing the speed of the crankshaft or do the opposite - reduce the torque while increasing the speed of the crankshaft. The length ranges from 4778mm to 4830mm. The higher the pressure is, the more optimized design has been achieved. Here's what to look out for and buy smart, Get to know the personalities behind the team every week, The most interesting hints of what's to come. The distance between the centers of the wheels on the rear axle. List of all models from the Mondeo series. The braked 2010 Ford Mondeo towing capacity is between 750 kg (0.75 tonnes) and 1600 kg (1.6 tonnes). A transmission a.k.a gearbox adapts the output of the engine to the drive wheels. Length 4837 mm (190.43 in. The size/type of the rear tyres used in the vehicle. The number of gears in the transmision of the vehicle. For example, from extreme left to extreme right. the ratio of a gear with 24 teeth and a pinion with 13 teeth is 1.84:1.