It is a shared experience no matter when or where a member joined. While the term social may conjure images of "Animal House" or "Old School," the image is largely outdated and inaccurate. • Student Conduct, 215.895.6074, Named for Philadelphia physician, Benjamin Rush. A bid is a formal invitation to join a fraternity or sorority. Please know that the process of bringing a new chapter may take a while and is quite involved. No, many students choose to go through recruitment to meet people and make new friends. What is new member/intake/pledging? Panhellenic Formal Recruitment, also sometimes referred to as rush, is the formal process by which Panhellenic sororities invite new members into their chapter. Many have Leadership Consultant staff who travel to their chapters at least once per year. Additionally, the University has minimum requirements in place for any new groups. However, it is up to you which informal events you choose to attend. Average chapter size for Interfraternity Council fraternities is about 70, but can range from 10 to 140 or more. Hazing also is against the state law of Pennsylvania. 1. Fraternities and sororities are looking for members who want to be actively involved in their organization. This is an unforgettable time filled with special events and retreats. Facebook: drexeluifc 2. Drexel University operated MCPHU until it became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Drexel on July 1, 2002, now known as Drexel University College of Medicine. Feeling connected will make you more satisfied with your college experience and therefore more likely to succeed and graduate. Rush University Medical Center has new restrictions regarding visitors and is adjusting non-urgent scheduled appointments, elective procedures and surgeries, beginning Wednesday, March 18. There are numerous opportunities to meet many different kinds of people, both in the community and professionals outside it. For information on a specific chapter, visit their local or national website or contact their chapter president. Each chapter has its own standards of membership and it is important that you ask each one what they are. Each chapter sets standards for academic expectations. It is important to use the recruitment period to get to know about the groups so you are certain about your decision and your fit in the group. This positions you to make the most informed decision possible. (Most schools use a weighted GPA out of 4.0, though some report an unweighted GPA. Rush has been a little difficult for us as last term we were still getting used to being entirely online. When can I move into the fraternity/sorority house? The best way to decide if a chapter is a good fit is to meet current members and ask questions. What if I joined a fraternity/sorority at another campus and transferred to Drexel? However, you are not immediately excluded from the fraternity/sorority experience as a graduate student. The latest discussion forum topics for Drexel University - DU. Bhatt earned his M.D. Drexel University is a global research university located in Philadelphia’s downtown area. The average GPA at Drexel University is 3.73. The rates for fraternity and sorority housing are set annually by the Drexel University Board of Trustees and can be viewed on the University Housing website. Partnership with Rush University Medical Center provides a robust system for tracking COVID-19 cases, while enhancing the ability to identify trends and mitigate risk Attend an information session We host on-campus and online information sessions where you can learn more about specific programs. For fraternities and multicultural groups it is best for you to visit several chapters in order to find the best fit. If friends, employers, or family members offer to write you a letter, please have them mail it to the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life; all letters will be passed on to the sorority recruitment chair. Panhellenic sororities, or sororities for those of Greek origin or ancestry, have specific limits in place related to the amount of members they can have. What networking opportunities are there within Greek life? If you choose to live in a chapter house, dues and living expenses may turn out to be lower than the cost of living in the residence halls depending on the organization. Although the common stereotype is that fraternities and sororities enable binge drinking and reckless behavior, Drexel chapters work hard to dispel such stereotypes. What are the benefits of joining a sorority or fraternity? If they don't have houses, where do they meet? Fraternity is derived from the Greek word "phrater," meaning brother, sister, or clan. Clinical Expertise Diabetic retinopathy. No, letters of reference or recommendations are not required to participate in Panhellenic sorority recruitment although alumni sorority members often offer to write letters for friends and family members, which can serve as a personal introduction. This will not only show them you are interested but that you also value your academics. Additionally, if you are not asked to join a chapter, you may try again during another recruitment period and are welcome to ask what you could improve to be a better candidate in the future. Please contact the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life to determine if the group you would like to join is recognized by the University as a city-wide organization. Up for sale are a few items that are available for local pickup in the Drexel campus area. Again, you do not need to have letters to participate in recruitment nor are they expected. It is important to share any legacy information with the group when you are meeting with them or in the application when signing up for sorority recruitment. Can I join a chapter if I am a part-time or online student? For most chapter facilities, application and payment are done through University housing. Fraternity and sorority information sessions and recruitment events are perfect opportunities to learn more information about each fraternity and sorority to decide if its values are in line with your own. It's the time when you learn about the organization and begin to see the great network that connects all fraternity and sorority members together. (Wyomissing, PA) -- The Drexel University College of Medicine at Tower Health is getting closer to completion. Why would someone not join a fraternity or sorority? Are fraternities and sororities like what I see on TV and in movies? In most cases, being a legacy does not guarantee that you will receive an invitation to join that chapter.