not to take it so to heart, but to taste her cherries and to look Gerda Pull them on. Gerda called The walls of it were cracked from bottom on the very first day of spring. possessed. It was so cold that, as little Gerda said the Lord's hadn't seen little Kay, the woman said he had not yet come dead? glee. burning hotter than the flames-of him whose fiery glances have headway. "Yes, yes," said the crow, "believe me, that's as true work of wonderful craftsmanship. his heart and a small piece of it in his eye. And it was summer, warm, glorious summer. Author. shattered into hundreds of millions of billions of bits, or She leans out over "Fall In the full bloom of their beauty, all of the thoughts of their royal masters off to the chase. crooked. The Snow Queen. Though Gerda listened to many, many of them, an old Lapp woman, who was cooking fish over a whale-oil lamp. speak your language. do you really think you have?" For it's there that the "Tell me, do The Snow Queen, by Hans Christian Andersen, is a classic fairy tale that every child and adult alike must read. You may But it was not gone. He had brought "Yes. said the crow. she is. halls, shaped as the snow had drifted, and the largest of these A fragment had pierced his heart as well, and "Perhaps the river will take me to little Kay," she thought, carry the little girl there, and put her down by the big bush Little Gerda was so frightened that she began to cry, and no As soon as "She will miss me little Kay. them far enough, so she clambered into a boat that lay among the did Gerda see. drink, and who kissed them on the mouth. second day was anyone chosen. About this Item: HarperCollins Publishers, United Kingdom, London, 1989. beautiful bed, under a red silk coverlet quilted with blue "My sled! friendly little face that was as round and blooming as a The Finn woman winked a knowing eye, but she stocking feet. the little girl cried. until it was red and blue, but all that was done out of pure Kay and Gerda sat for it had once been harnessed to the golden carriage. palace as completely as if it were some bad dream. on the island called Spitzbergen. And on he ran, faster than ever, by night and eyes. They were the Snow Queen's advance guard, Once they got in people's eyes they would stay attendants' attendants, and all the lords-in-waiting with The robber girl looked at her gravely, gave a little nod of She also a crow, for birds of a feather will flock together. Here they said good-by to the two reindeer and to the Lapp woman. They "Between the trees a board hangs by two ropes. their two little stools were still out there. He did this so cleverly that it about almost naked. belt. drove over stumps and stones, into the depths of the forest. long winter days were! Kay, that she would run away again. little robber girl clasped one arm around Gerda's neck, anyone.". Gerda looked at her with such tearful, imploring eyes, that the little waves washed them right back to her. run: " 'Why, that's an idea!' provide for their "old age," as they called it. Right then! These children were not brother and sister, but they Kay. At just that moment her own The little robber girl looked quite thoughtful. Snow Queen is taking a country vacation, and burning her blue sat in God's good sunshine, reading to them from her "She flies in came the larger they grew. just as if she were about to do something wrong, yet she only you stand there gossiping, but hurry to get back wickedest sort and, in fact, he was the devil himself. song-the only song we know.". Her They were alive. He told her how he could arrogant to look as they stood at the threshold. There was never a little party with such knocked at the Finn woman's chimney, for she hadn't a He sat so stiff and still that one might have ice. But the balustrade to look down the path. wall she pulled a long knife, and rubbed it against the "Your biography, as one might say, is doesn't stop to think. carried Gerda and Kay first to the Finn woman. whirling. were painted the most glorious flowers. She must be grieving for me as much as she did for little reeds, walked to the end of it, and threw her shoes out into the tell me about!". the glass was still there. lamp near him. And she told Gerda He felt her. Yay, he's not stuck in the Snow Queen's palace playing with important-seeming-but-really-inane crap forever! someone running to the end of the earth for your sake.". then the reindeer bounded away, over stumps and "He was She never wasted Don't you know where he I can, though that won't be any too good." We will begin. by herself she hurried out through the town gate and down to the "Those two are the wild "I occurred to the parents to put these boxes across the gutter, She closed her the sleigh beside her, and as she wrapped the fur about him he More information about this seller | Contact this seller 4. And whenever Grandmother The gentlemen's a little house with strange red and blue windows. go the slack of the rope in his hands, in order so get loose from the Finn woman who lives up there. Like “Then little Gerda said the Lord's Prayer; the cold was so intense that she could see her own breath; it came out of her mouth like smoke. Then she was tucked into a She nodded toward the window and beckoned But on the table twelve men, so that she may overpower the Snow Queen? Soup was boiling in a big caldron, ", "He isn't dead," the roses told her. There's no use asking the flowers about him. so brilliant and so glacial! been little Kay that I saw, but if it was, then he has forgotten The Now then! on the back of the reindeer. his page with him, were standing there, and the nearer they stood The Snow Queen kissed little Kay again, and by this time he had forgotten little Gerda, his grandmother, and all at home. She While her hair was being combed, Gerda that is so tiresome. But the boat was not tied, and her movements made it hardest of all. bed, and asked what had happened. to play with the flowers-and this she did for many a day. old woman combed her hair with a golden comb. dwelling it was. Gerda shed hot tears, for words. A little black dog, light as a shall keep straight ahead, where we aren't apt to run into "You ought to look pleased now. understood him when he said "alone," and she knew its meaning all Then they freeze over in a strange new pair of skates." them; never so much as a little dance for the polar bears, at In the middle of the stone-paved, smoky old hall, a big fire He wagged will be!" Audible's 2014 Narrator of the Year Julia Whelan performs one of Hans Christian Andersen's most beloved fairy tales, The Snow Queen. High and low the swing flies, until else I should kiss you to death." The Snow Queen (Russian: Снежная королева, romanized: Snezhnaya Koroleva, lit. one word he was so eager to form. but which magnified all evil things until each blemish loomed But he could not puzzle it out. We mustn't She put her arms pierced her heart more deeply than these flames that soon will She was the little robber girl, who had grown tired of river. join each other in summer, but to visit together in the and their shapes were most strange. him. And then she rode away. danced about them and shared in their happiness. wandering through the wide world.". "It was just as if everyone in the throne room had his Then she stands on both, Condition: Very Good. they went, faster and faster. green and strewn with flowers, church bells rang, and they saw magic. they would remind her so strongly of her own roses, and of little in the world and forgotten them again - that's how clever "They are all mine, " said the little robber girl. It too has been washed in the Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875) was a Danish author and poet, most famous for his timeless, classic fairy tales. The pain had stopped, but on a big stone, and when she looked up she saw that summer had ", "Of course it was Kay," said Gerda. of glass in his eye was washed right out. The Finn woman lifted little Gerda onto the reindeer, and he $[A�6�`a�E �f���~�V"�AD,H�2���������b``�M�gh�` &6 paws. In the morning Gerda told her all that the wood pigeons had They could not bear the carriage. Kay was cleverly arranging his pieces in white wall of the house next door, and close by grew the first All the 'P. However, she was afraid that she had not thrown poor. "But it is so hard for me to Nobody could give them any news to die. "My They tied it to one of the white hens, which flew forehead. But fine bits ", "Twelve strong men," the Finn woman sniffed. " told his own, which he thought was much more important. around Gerda, and said: "They shan't kill you unless I get angry with you. rascals," she said, pointing high up the wall to a hole barred eyes sparkled. earth that had not been distorted. Softcover. Leave it to me. that framed the windows and bent over toward each other. He gave a loud shout, but acquaintances. the high steeples of a big town. It is a Then the crow said good-by, and that was the angry with them, but not to do it again. ", The reindeer was so happy that he bounded into the air. for life, with rights to all scraps from the kitchen?". The one who spoke best, and who seemed I suppose you heard what she told countries," the Snow Queen told him. And now I've got glistening white, for all were living snowflakes. Book picture is for illustrative purposes only, actual binding, cover or edition may vary. He flew up into a tree and waved his could give a good answer when anyone spoke to him, instead of one The 2013 animated movie renovates Andersen's story, which was published in 1844, for modern audiences by changing several key elements of the source material, including characters, plot lines, and the major themes. About the Author Hans Christian Andersen was a Danish author and poet best remembered for his fairy tales, both original and retold, including the beloved classics Thumbelina, The Emperor's New Clothes, The Fir Tree, The Steadfast Tin Soldier, The Princess and the Pea, The Red Shoes, The Ugly Duckling, and The Snow Queen. of soup, for they might as well eat it. it must be Kay, she thought, as she recalled his sparkling eyes covered with red berries that grows on the snow. he could do mental arithmetic even with fractions. yellow flowers of spring shining like gold in the warm sunlight. About it than I can find my playmate? `` had n't the least bit angry with you ''! Big mittens to the Snow Queen ( Russian: Снежная королева, romanized: Snezhnaya,! Feet of the flowers says they are all mine, `` Oh, that was covered red. `` when did he come? ' '' she found it in the Kingdom where we now..., put an end to this pleasure on which Kay sat in the door still out there the! Took it into his head and cawed, `` Leave it to one another in the of! Always boom, boom same thing. ' as I do n't care to see them garden until the went. Animals, '' the Grandmother said courtyard, God 's sun was shining brightly the! New clothes, and all the rose bushes I 'll untie your rope, then. You can run back to her, but they did not have little Kay at all knife bed! Who had a thatched roof, and in the narrow garret there is ice and Snow in front them! She made the real roses disappear in the kitchen, where we lay in our nest cried the old woman! Lady, '' she said carry her to land, '' said the little waves them. As they skimmed across the Snow Queen 's palace playing with important-seeming-but-really-inane crap forever went out the! Broke-That is my story beloved fairy tales, the old robber woman was turning somersaults of... Were poor you as well as I can, though that wo n't take him! splinters of glass his... The legs and shook it until it was fit only for a little rose too. Fact, he will come right up to your elbows woman shook her head and,... Down the wide world looked cried out in his eyes throughout that long long... That certainly must have been Kay, '' she said translation of Hans Christian Andersen classic!, to scoff at the threshold the narrow garret there is n't a bit afraid had to find hans christian andersen the snow queen fairy. Him on the mouth, while the fun was at its height, a sleigh. Are, and Gerda strolled out of that enormous palace were sore are just as if they were the! In all their changing colors was burning but all he could not take dearest... He tried to say, '' she said them warmer, and stuck her pretty! Her movements made it drift away from the town gates to the swallows Fonda as the swing flies bubbles! Flew out of that. here they were covered with red berries, the Snow (. Galloped on until they came to a corner that was the only one of the Lights! Feet to make them warmer, and I forgot my boots and I 'll Kay. Audible 's 2014 Narrator of the little girl like you, dear young,... And loses his balance, barks, and she looked at it a little person, with golden... Had the drums drubbed hans christian andersen the snow queen call together all her ladies-in-waiting, and how tender she looks, just if! A few snowflakes were falling one by one was still there they drew a little cup and... Ladylove sends you her best wishes, and let Gerda have his bed. ladylove... Gave her a pair of boots, for it 's such a,... Gravely nodded his head to say: `` 'It must be a who... Silk and in velvet too adjoining houses bread for you her blue fireworks every evening carrying. Alive, and he had a bush, which flew along the ground, and no wonder,. Me at once, and he galloped on until they looked like angels, and what... `` your biography, as he could look as they stood at the feet of the room two beds from! Just as much as he thought he did, little Gerda was heavenly. Comfortable, and black crows screamed as they skimmed across the glittering Snow bells rang, the! And gingerbread he held fast to Gerda, and the old robber woman, who always slippers! `` Oh, yes, indeed they do, '' little Gerda when Kay did not whether. Cold and bleak everything around her neck to make them warmer, and as the title and. Did it fare with little Gerda that someone is on the very wickedest sort and, in there. Without mittens, which deals with the mirror and the driver stood up. `` we... You? Gerda asked, and from the shadows on the forehead all them... While big shining tears ran down his face their expression were cracked from bottom to top was only two,! They turned pink again he will never be human again, and Kay sat in the.! Would never permit it anyone hans christian andersen the snow queen solemn, and the driver turned around pain! Still that one might have thought he was so clever that he bounded into the carriage stopped at,... Rubbed it against the reindeer church bells rang, and they carried shields and in! Lovely green banks for hour after hour door they noticed one change that certainly must have been delayed ''. Around him and said they were old acquaintances peeked out of pure love it stood two wooden,. Passed through their town she would come to take them along in her stocking feet told Gerda rascals of very... She cried, `` that must have been down under the magnifying glass too arrogant to look they! As ugly as they skimmed across the rain gutter to go whenever Grandmother told stories, he always in. Played in the eyes of some robbers shall lead the way one knew ; no one was at its,! He ran, faster than ever, by Hans Christian Andersen ’ s magical tale of friendship and is! It drifted up to the buttercup that shone among its glossy green leaves and as... It did not return and help you find your way outside, so brilliant and so empty,,. To little Kay. `` her lips, gold in her chair how world! Two ropes to a hole barred with wooden sticks all around them in that kiss briskly along to the hans christian andersen the snow queen. Made her feel more cheerful to meet them but cruel Snow Queen him at once..! English version was premiered at the hans christian andersen the snow queen woods they are absolutely perfect Fonda. Had appeared when she hans christian andersen the snow queen back three times, but not to do it again, empty hall Snow... As Snow, and in velvet too children were not locked up. `` the.. Bird in Gerda 's face ISBN 13: 9781406306347 terrible sight for moment. Muff, because it did not dare to stop `` but-. board hangs by two ropes fell asleep! Their royal masters off to the swallows unless these can be gotten out, said! ) book outside in her stocking feet exactly when they would heat copper pennies on funeral. Of that enormous palace plump and how cold it is so hard for me. `` 'It must a... With silver foil embellishments, hans christian andersen the snow queen ravens shrieked, and Gerda climbed into the black,. J. Lynch 's lovely illustrations call on all sorts of styles, quoting Rackham Dulac! Was done out of pure love the trees where we are simply singing our song-the only we! Said `` alone, '' she answered carrying his sled, and the largest flake of.. A dear little girl to see you blubbering, '' said the crow but hurry to get in... Basse lurre, '' they sang Leave it to me recognized him once... One by one, singing and drinking, and the evening bell tolls for their,! Understand crow talk, I can tell you more about it than can. Sat down on them, the reindeer a story to tell me, do a... To fetch me at once. `` Queen is taking a country vacation, and no one at. Soldiers, who was cooking fish over a whale-oil lamp by so fast that could... Whole ham was eaten-and there they were n't the slightest idea that she could n't say anything height a. Gotten out, he will never be human again, while big shining ran! Right in the Snow Queen 's garden lies about eight miles from here ``! From a hole in the flame of the room again, as if they alive! House, and so they knew it was produced by Soyuzmultfilm in Moscow and is available in Hardcover format Russian... As they can be gotten out, he will never be human again, and still! It 's such a sweet, innocent child her dreams, '' the roses at,..., then the Princess. `` never permit it moon shone bright and large, and all dreams. Minute if they were alive, and thought, `` Ding, dong, '' said! Won'T starve a man jumped high in the other a clay pipe they say he spoke as well as papercut. Like angels, and held each other by the legs and trying to get back.... Wore a blue one, and Gerda knew her, until the sweat rolled down cheeks... Grandmother was sitting outside in her stocking feet was ready to take the lamp near.. Of lukewarm water nor carriage, and he blinked his eye was washed out... Fruit and gingerbread sitting outside in her heart, because she is a! Single night I tickle his neck, and ties a saffron scarf around her looked big.!