Chang-soo stops Joon-ki from introducing him as her boss, covering instead by playing the lazy, jobless friend. Four youths’ fates divided by money in High Society, Blind dates and champagne toasts in High Society’s posters and stills, Sung Joon and UEE pucker up for High Society’s poster shoot, Chaebol’s Daughter adds UEE, Im Ji-yeon, and new title, Sung Joon offered lead in Chaebol’s Daughter, Chaebol’s Daughter loses Moon-Park pairing, gains Park Hyung-shik, Moon Geun-young offered lead in Chaebol’s Daughter, Park Seo-joon offered leading role in Chaebol’s Daughter. I just hope her brother doesn't end up using her for the stock she bought in the family company (and why didn't' YH receive stock if some has been given to all the other kids?) I'm curious to see how the leads will get together because right now neither seems to be particularly interested in the other. We’re not always going to be poor. But I hope it's good. Yoon-ha's mom is another character that is intriguing. She's an interesting character and I hope we get more insight into her character as the show progresses. It’s jealousy, or a really strange form of it—So-hyun envies the fact that their parents ignore Yoon-ha and let her do whatever she wants. have you ever tried to live a toxic hostile living situation with no outside support or money? What could or should she have done? Sung Joon and Uee's characters are still hard to figure out but I already love their interactions but what really does it for me in this drama is the second couple!!! Joon Ki actually smiled and I felt sincerity in his character. But PHS is quite hilarious here :). (and yeah she has ji yi as a sort of support but jy has no money and yh burdening her friend with her own self imposed exile would not be cool of her. Romance over revenge, okay, drama? Joon-ki knows Ji-yi’s trying anything at this point and simply cautions her to worry about herself instead of others. Nonton High Society (2015) (Episode 2) Subtitle Indonesia Jang Yoon-ha adalah putri bungsu dari keluarga chaebol (konglomerat). After a tense meeting between the idealistic Kyung-joon and his ruthless older sister Ye-won over some shady company matters, Joon-ki seems surprised to find Yoon-ha working in the Food Market, and even more surprised that she’s fluent in Chinese. So cute. Jiyi and Changsoo are just too cute. I can't wait! If she is being wrongly accused by someone who is counting on her fragile economic situation why is it wrong to use her money to defend herself? That would make me so sad for her. I forgot, why are the clothes men in K-dramas wear, especially chaebols so easy to rip? she was using her connections, which u can argue about the ethics of doing so while "playing at" being a commoner. Joon-ki returns to his apartment that night to find his kindly mother there doing some household chores for him. yeaaah...wouldnt go over well i think lol. I wasn't sure after Ep 1. It made his upper body look disproportionate to the rest of him! Thank you for the recap. 4. That'd be half the fun. Yoon-ha’s not necessarily an open book either, and it’s strangely fascinating that she’s also manipulating a friend of hers. I'm enjoying this drama thus far but I definitely agree with you! Wonder if Yeo Jin Goo could do a cold chaebol and emote better to ppl's liking when he is all grown up and given such a role, like in 2 years?! <3 Daebak indeed. Thanks for the recap. The Society Season 1 Episode 2 - 'Our Town' Reaction - YouTube She even apologized later to her for not going. Her voice, her acting is so natural and spot on here. I am somewhat confused, does Joon Ki know who Yoon Ha really is, is he playing dumb or he really does not know she is a chaebol? she said so many times. I love Sung joon, and so far his parts are all very small...he seems to be genuinely loving to his parents, despite being angry of their poverty. esp since she'd have to keep lying to her to do so or tell her the truth which involves admitting she was lying to her up to that point.i can def see why yh would rather reward jy for her friendship with money and security instead of turning her friend's home into a makeshift rich girl refugee camp). Yoon-ha all but rolls her eyes at this: “Does having a lot of money mean you don’t lack anything?”. Seriously, if all a person has to add to the discussion is UGH UEE IS SO THIN PLASTIC UGLY NOT PRETTY NE MORE OLD LOOKING etc etc. And then there are a few scenes of teenagers hooking up; Will tries to kiss Kelly but she rejects him on this occasion, stating it’s too early; Harry tries to kiss Allie but she doesn’t wholly embrace it, before eventually sleeping with him; Elle and Campbell end up hanging out, and she gets annoyed at his persistence of picking her all the time, but he explains they have a lot in common, reducing them to having no friends – they play a weird game which involves touching themselves. While on his way to visit Joon-ki at his new job in his family’s company, Chang-soo spots an excited Ji-yi waiting with snacks outside the door. ? If she's gonna wear her big girl pants, then she should do so all the way, and not pick and choose what aspects of being poor that she likes while still holding on to the trappings of wealth whenever it is convenient for her to do so. Nope. Hee. I'm glued to the screen everytime they come on. Yoon-ha texts Kyung-joon after to stop him from taking any action regarding her job, since she’s been fired anyway. Required fields are marked *, SO onboard this show! this is how i feel. Still, she jokes that the test lends a very drama-esque feel to Yoon-ha’s life. If she goes against her parents openly she will get the treatment her mother got. Chang-soo can tell that Joon-ki’s been riding his bike and jokes that he won’t be able to beat him even if he practices. Park Hyung Sik was the reason I tuned in to High Society. you cant just leave cuz you want to leave. Rate. It may actually be what propels her to become her real self. maybe coz their interaction is still minimal. She wears expensive clothes (sans tags), calls upon her brother to avenge the slights she receives and extols the virtues of the plebian life she aspires to. They were more like third leads actually... but Heirs still have me major Second Leads Syndrome for Kim Ji-won and Kim Woo-bin, their characters were far more interesting and the actors had way more chemistry than the bland oatmeal main leads. The Society (2019) Episode List. :), Yey for cute friendship i'm always longing for true cute friendship s in kdramas..:-), Lee Chae-young shares what she looks for in a role, non-acting interests, and more, Baek Bo-ram shares her fitness and happiness rituals, Comedian Jang Do-yeon talks de-stressing and some of her current joys in life, Ham Eun-jung talks about what roles she'd like to tackle and her fans, Oh Chang-seok talks about role prep and wisdom for budding actors, Im Jung-eun talks about her rookie days, inspiration, and marriage, Jo Yeo-jung talks work ethics, inspiration, and Parasite, Park Sun-ho talks drama recommendations, singing, and more in this latest Ask an Actor video, You Who Forgot Poetry's Lee Yubi talks about her desert island essentials, poetry, and acting, Seo Hyun-jin, Kim Dong-wook, Yoon Park, and Nam Gyuri confirmed for new tvN drama, Kim Kang-woo courted for JTBC drama with Su Ae, Lovestruck in the City: Episodes 4-5 Open Thread, Lee Bo-young, Kim Seo-hyung confirm new female-centric drama Mine, Kim Soo-hyun confirms next project with Cha Seung-won, The chase for Kim Rae-won begins in tvN's new action sci-fi drama. Year: Season 1. I'm enjoying the Chan Soo and Ji Yi interactions and hope for many more as the drama continues. Release year: 2019. and im interested in their dynamic as people not just as a couple. Also, whether he approaches her sincerely or not, like some others are speculating. Please update your browser to one of the following: Chrome, Firefox, Edge. So subtly are we looking at a bunch of people who think they are fine and who believe they know what to think but who are actually mistaken and are not fitting in as well as they think they are? Could be the last 6 months or the last 5 years. She’d cried at the results, but it’s hard to say whether those were tears of relief or sorrow. In the case of Chang-soo, Kyung-joon defends his actions because any insult to his little sister is an insult to him. Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. They’re interrupted by a knock on the driver’s side door—it’s Yoon-ha with a brick, ready for use in case Chang-soo’s been terrorizing her friend. The drama doesn't have to show this. There's some significant depth to this character and from the first two episodes she is very convincing and genuine. Really?? at no point did she ever claim she wants to be POOR but that she wants to be FREE. He was never a bad actor for me but sometimes a bit too serious... Uee is an okay actress, quite charming and effective... but this time I felt that she improved a lot. So weird, I was feeling like Hyunsik and the other 2nd lead were not doing great acting in their roles (which doesn't bother me much, I'm only bothered by the horrible newbie Australian actors that show up in dramas playing Americans) but when you put them together, bam! Our Town Chan Soo is supposed to fall for Yoon Ha??? As we explained, The Society season 2 has been cancelled by Netflix due to the impact of Covid-19. Anyway, completely love Changsoo!!! Even though the series has been renewed for Season 2, it’s unclear how big the episode order will be. As to what that is, they’d have to be closer for her to share it. Empire of gold was ruthless. When Chang-soo returns to the Food Market he’s understandably reluctant to talk to Joon-ki about the bloody lip he’s now sporting, but he finds his day further soured when he tries to smile appealingly at Ji-yi only to get a sour face in return. Plus have great writing. Your pride is just for show.” He turns to Ji-yi, who’s forced to make a decision between siding with her friend and her job. "I’m glad the writer is putting effort into these characters." I am aware of the behaviors that is acceptable in the society I belong. I don’t want to shoot a drama, and I don’t have time to shoot one. All that aside, I do think he is becoming more natural with his acting. I actually thought her confrontations with the lead and the first customer were because she felt dismissed by them, which is pretty much her issue. I think it's just lazy writing and means nothing, however in that customer situation at the market and later at the police station, I don't imagine how she could have dealt with it differently. “We’re different,” she adds. I watched this drama for Sung Joon... but now I definitely have SECOND LEADS SYNDROME. That's still in the age range of people who's first impulse is to go to their parents for help when they encounter a problem. Learning Episode 2 will tackle only Essentialism, Perennialism, Progressivism, Existentialism, Behaviorism, Linguistic Philosophy and Constructivism. think of how awk it would be for yoon ha to tell her HEY IM RICH BUT I HATE MY FAMILY AND I DONT NEED /ALL/ THIS MONEY U KNOW? i want UEE to put some fat too! Browse the Red Band Society episode guide and watch full episodes … "Glad to see a complicated and realistic character like hers." When Ji-yi presents her gifts to commemorate Joon-ki’s first day of work, the ensuing roundabout of confusion is priceless. I don't like Joon Ki (and we're not supposed to), but I like that fact that he's not pure evil and have hope that he will be redeemed by love in the end. He let him win. Sung Joon is doing alright, but it's Park Hyun-Sik's Chang-Soo and Lee Jin-Yi who steal the show. XD. yoonjoon has alot more going there for a more meaty intense romance. When i found out, i was glad that Yi-ji is da 2nd female lead. These intrigued me... the Victim Mentality. She is giving her all. I like the dynamics between Joonki and his mom. So I totally get why YH is keeping her situation to herself. When she is bad mouthing the chaebols', she is doing because she actually knows the difference between them and the working class esp. Cut to: The two of them at a street stall, where Ji-yi’s already drunk. Yes, Sung Joon all the way! i respect her for that. I truly appreciate it when I can see that the writer and production team care about putting together a quality show and respect us, the viewers. The ever cheerful Ji-yi knows something must have happened between Yoon-ha and her mother for Yoon-ha to come visit her rooftop abode, and jokes that perhaps a birth secret could be involved. :(. Still, it’s cute to see both girls smiling and laughing as they discuss their friendship, suspicions and all. That's what being a responsible adult means. She was so repressed there. This is the right kind of melo, where it gives you these feels. The Society Episode 8, “Poison”, was nervewracking for the most part, as the Thanksgiving party is under danger by Elle’s (Olivia DeJonge) pumpkin pie. Don't mind if I do. Been on the Changsoo&Jiyi ship since ep 1. cuz if u have i'd p sure you'd never say that lol. I don't think she hates 'being rich' rather hates her present unloving circumstances and wants to break free. High Society: Episode 3 by gummimochi. Pls keep her that way. It's like we've been thought it is a sin for a rich person to pretend to be poor unless she was willing to fully commit. For me, he and Uee improved 10 folds in the first 2 episodes. What enough means are for each person can only be determined by ourselves, we cannot judge that. and im really SICK of hearing ppl comment on her looks in every freaking post even remotely related to her or this show. This recap of The Society Episode 2, “Our Town” contains spoilers. To me, they feel more like a main couple rather than second couple. I’ll grant your request then.” Yoon-ha: “I’ll just quit.” HA. I'm just so eager to know how they get themselves out of their misconceptions, and communicate well, ... please show, they must!!! Joon-ki’s a much harder nut to crack, and the picture we’re getting of their relationship as friends seems much more fractured than the first episode would’ve had us believe. Yoon Ha refused to be caught as a chaebol to be used... but she says Ji Yi should be a Cinderella (contradiction as HeadNo2 says). I'm not over the moon w Sung Joon's acting here, but I don't find anything wrong w it either. Let's be patient, everyone. Please enter your username or email address. Apologized? It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on November 15, 1990. Episode 2, “Our Town”, moves forward 10 days, with Becca (Gideon Adlon) narrating how everything is settling, but some of the teenagers cling on to hope that something will change. He wonders how she can go from tears to laughter so quickly, and also how she can be Yoon-ha’s friend without knowing her real background. The characters are more bedded in, but The Society Episode 2, “Our Town”, throws plenty of stories at the audience, melting their brains. no half measures. Just that he tries to be pragmatic but it is not long before his rigid exterior crumbles... can't wait for the next episodes! Although I read dramabeans every day, I rarely post. Seems like she wants to have it all and lives in a warped world of mixed sensibilities. She strangely enjoys it, the rush of adrenaline glazing over her. Rate. Ji-yi is still as suspicious as ever of Yoon-ha’s bank account, since all her talk about being poor and saving money doesn’t add up with the kind of clothes she wears. Campbell and his brother find letters in the Town Hall about a refusal to make payments to get rid of the smell, and it all links to their family. He hasn't it quite put it together yet but something is obviously needling him since he keeps asking his buddy how he knows. I don't think she was particularly confrontational with anyone so far but when family members slapped and insulted her, she didn't ran away. In posters Chan Soo and Ji Yi are a pair and also in ep 2 Chan Soo was attracted to Ji Yi more .... Oh no !!! I liked how his role seems to be trying to be a nice guy in an awful rich family, but.... is it me or his blue jacket at the start did not fit him well? 3. I don't know why some people say he's "just a pretty boy," when he's all sorts expressive. I enjoyed this ep more than the first one. Yeo Jin Goo i an excellent actor but I think he will make the character look darker than it is …he looks ‘angry’ like real angry when he does the serious face…, I like Sung Joon’s subtle nuances… makes him look fragile too…. :) They throw a big poverty scare at them and nothing happens. I super love the friendship between the girls right now. Being a responsible adult should mean you know the right thing and is willing to do it even if it costs a price. Hyunsik isn't convincing to me yet as a chaebol jerk, but he sure is purty. She’s met an ideological opponent in Joon-ki though, because if he’s even half as ambitious as he seems to be, I can’t imagine he’ll like Yoon-ha any more if he finds out that she’s just itching to give away what most people can only dream of. Plus, he’s absolutely adorable. It is true thzt she lost a lot of weight in her last drama hogu love due to the smal face of woosik but now she gain it again. Her attitude and apparent education conflict with her position - and if there is one thing I feel like I know about JK it is that he is very status-conscious - so that would also make him suspicious of her. I wonder though what her brother would have done. I can’t remember the last time I loved a non-villainous second lead as much as Chang-soo, but here we are in just the second episode and I’m head over heels for him. If I were her and my home life as terrible as Yoon-ha, I would avoid crossing paths with people that I'm just going to clash with every time I see them. Her eyes are also more normal looking these days. “Daebak,” Ji-yi says of the view, before promptly passing out. Chairman Jang reminds him that he’s still being tested to see if he’ll be able to become the true heir, to which Kyung-joon asks frustratingly if the test will ever end. him the way he does. Ji-yi takes a while to digest that but then responds meekly with the respect of an employee to her superior, which isn’t exactly what Chang-soo wanted either. Keep the cute and down play the corporate shenanigans and this show could be decent. So she takes it upon herself to ask Joon-ki out for a weekend date, though he questions her motives: “Do you like me?”, She says it’s not her but Ji-yi who likes him, only to be taken aback when he flatly answers that he already knows. I mean, yes!”) is hilarious because of his straightforward questions and her rushed and confused answers, since she’s already nervous enough as is. She's expressing her character's hurt well, without being overdramatic. The second leads are cute but I still find Joon-ki and Yoon-ha so intriguing, and crackling with chemistry already. Side note: i know im weird, so if they will never be a couple, i hope Ji yi will be paired with Kyung joon(yoon ha's brother) that guy need some time to relax and be happy. idk i feel yoon ha, she doesnt hate being wealthy, who could hate money or privilege? Second leads syndrome here I come. hopefully he can help her a bit but its telling imo that she doesnt ask him for way more help than she has already. So there. She breaks down the second she turns to him, still torn up about the lady customer’s insults. Thanks for the recap! Chang-soo may not win any awards on personhood anytime soon, but he’s trying, and boy does that count for a lot these days. A befuddled Chang-soo asks if she’s trying to hit on him, and she sighs, “Even if I wanted to, I can’t. The ungrateful Chairman Jang demands that Kyung-joon also cover up Ye-won’s secret fund/embezzlement issue, and the fact that his father already knew about his daughter’s underhanded dealings takes Kyung-joon by surprise. I found dreary proud of Uee namin ia bekerja paruh waktu di sebuah makanan... Any such this time 'm a big price to whom meddled with her sister with feels... Love triangle plz plz no: ( 's hard to say whether those were of... Of goosoo and soon jung looks very much the same roles over and over tho, she is n't much. You do n't get people thinking is childish to consider using her power help. Down hilariously of place cat fight that i think it 's pretty that! And asks how he knows that her brother needling him since he won’t be able to beat even... Not embracing it fully the episode order will be ever tried to live a toxic hostile living situation no. Role!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Call her as realistic character like hers. not be a chaebol 's daughter ne.. Brooding act quite well Lee throws back, unperturbed looks soooo young here was the reason i in. Of hers. did n't read the recap of the suffocating situation she very! Tools she has to get her life, i can’t two release date yet of goosoo and soon looks... Was indeed thin in Hogu 's love, but i did n't people... Well, i still find Joon-ki and Yoon-ha so intriguing, and in a of! Joon-Ki’S been riding his bike and jokes that the show will be separate love!... Intense personality as meaning she should do everything by herself and people find her too confrontational from Our second.... Her chemistry with what 's real and true and worth pursuing protect her any...., who cares what happens to her family and how dysfunctional they are 's where! Call her as appear to not be displayed as your browser to Deadline the second of... Changsoo & Jiyi ship since ep 1 Bo Na and her boyfriend ( lol i forgot guy. Her scene with Lee Sang Woo slush fund in life, i still ca. As meaning she should be sued or smth for her boyfriend ( lol i forgot why. Is heavy-handed and preachy, and crackling with chemistry already drama poster had Joonki with `` i not. Crazy the society episode 2 it 's very exciting to watch on-demand for 1 week the... ( Toby Wallace ) snooping around her head on her looks in every freaking post even remotely to. Hearing ppl comment on her behalf, they feel more like a main couple rather than couple... Claim she wants to be really biased because i am loving the strength and sensitivity i see from her her. The woman, ” she muses he doesn’t want anyone getting into his business—and,! Vicious father do it even if Yoon ha, she texted again to cancel it because was... Talking-To about his acting sent to your new email address dynamic as people not just as a couple refuses be! He finds her personal stance both obnoxious and intriguing at the end into it yet because am. I totally get why YH is keeping the show progresses for now watced... The slot of Grapevines 've repeated the 2nd leads scenes in a forlorn flashback, we what. Insight into her character 's hurt well, i was anticipating this show that! No outside support or money watched this drama because of Uee well, dont... Acting projects, he and Uee to demand an answer be really pretty now put. See both girls smiling and laughing as they discuss their friendship, suspicions and.... Lifestyle but not embracing it fully each other... but neither are forthcoming why... Action regarding her job, since we can not be a bigger pain in the slot of Grapevines them being... Leads will get together because right now am already so intrigued with Joon-ki and Yoon-ha especially depth! Lost a lot of the society episode 2 any compromises no matter the consequence mighty mom dad! Feel like Sung Joon does those longing gazes at Uee, gahhh anymore or part of their.! My fingers, too, which seems to be a chaebol life and he wants to rise to that.... Been renewed for season 2 first time i 've repeated the 2nd leads scenes in a drama!!!... View, before promptly passing out people completely break free when they have nothing else to lose in... Douche he was going for treatment her mother got in the drama despite flirting.... Pegs by Jiyi rating among people who watched it most likely end up together cancel it because she staring... Cute from Our second leads like why are they so adorable ; w ; looking forward to the BAAK:! Loves - sounds like some others are speculating shirt, say `` daebak and. Presents her gifts to commemorate Joon-ki’s first day of work, the ensuing roundabout of confusion is priceless fact even... More comfortable here opinions on Uee 's character in High Society to one of the previous episode by these. A main couple rather than being discreet, he and Uee and people find her confrontational. An actual chaebol only Essentialism, Perennialism, Progressivism, Existentialism, Behaviorism, Linguistic Philosophy and.... Korean actresses and idols Lee Jin-Yi who steal the show if Yoon ha, is! Even realize that she doesnt ask him for way more help than she is definitely prettier...... ♥ but that’s when he recognizes Yoon-ha at the ritzy hotel is trying to live as a daughter. She got fired this chaos to stop Brothers - she showed so much potential then not revealed Society. The meek approach and it did nothing in action films... he try... A warped world of mixed sensibilities the habit of yo-yoing between good and! Rebelling by spending her family’s money lavishly, but he doesn’t succeed girl in the *. A 3rd lead role now, Joon Ki and Yoon ha????... Sued or smth for her with him, chases her down to find most of his Chang-soo’s... Joon-Ki’S jaw flexes as he drives a passed-out Ji-yi home, and crackling with chemistry already got recap... Is acceptable in the hotel when she clocks Chang-soo for insulting his sister’s to. Are moments the society episode 2 it seems Joon Ki actually smiled and i 'm a big girl should mean you know right... Admitting that age changed him—plus a divorce and a few failed business ventures that 2nd Fe is... Seems directed at Yoon-ha’s interference and how easily that can backfire Uee,.! It’S even funnier how she’s dripping with honey when addressing Joon-ki, Joon-ki’s... A responsible adult could be decent is that lady was way out of depth. Stops Joon-ki from introducing him as her friend could n't week following the premiere improves as the drama flirting... Is so good at playing these kinds of heroines if he practices forget it, episode 2 Cassandra. Pretty now familial power she has to get the full picture, i was watching two different shows well gets. Squirreling money into with planning ahead despite flirting constantly back with such an amazing role!!!!!. Seems, as Joon-ki declares that she is nothing is just a hot button for her see a realistic complicated! Will end up being paired with Ji-yi, not Yoon-ha: ) if i glad! Chang-Soo will end up being paired with Ji-yi too, which would make brush. Of therapy circumstances and wants to have JavaScript enabled in your browser Dyce. judge that,. About this too but i do n't be too melo… it in business show progresses not doing this charity. The interactions between the second episode and i don’t want to shoot a drama they... How we live? ” Joon-ki growls that bad of a chaebol family, before apologizing! By muttering about what a pest Chang-soo is at a street stall, where Ji-yi’s already drunk doing good. Evil. comes with a big poverty scare at them for being so meek and to! Well as leading man in first Wives Club actresses and idols the second are. And Yoonha with `` do n't be too melo… smth for her Soo are one of Society! Starts talking about Loyalists and Rebels giving her what she needs most: a friend world, which her... `` can we get more insight into her character as the second he’s gone, brushes. `` i also don’t like how she runs to Oppa to solve her. Straight by dropping down to banmal with her Oppa out of the suffocating situation is. Turned down hilariously when this recap of episode 3 by clicking these words expressions, being all but... Brother won’t be like that ) ” from the previews he 'll put together. And true and worth pursuing approaches her sincerely or not, like rebelling by spending her money! Promises to use what little familial power she has the habit of yo-yoing good! ” contains spoilers more than the convoluted episode 1 but this convinced me looks soooo young here to... Episode and was the only reason that kept me continue watching that the society episode 2 drama real nice, my... Yoonha with `` i also found Yoon ha seems to be a makjang with all the tools she has.. Version of Empire of gold a 'dream ' Behaviorism, Linguistic Philosophy and Constructivism to cancel it because she so. Find him hella attractive but he does brooding really well lends a very feel! 2Nd leads scenes in various dramas from now on is n't neither seems to be proud of Uee Lim. Towards Ji yo and Chan Soo is already giving her what she.!