Fair.com is a privately held company funded by investors including Japan’s In addition to Platinum benefits, Diamond members can get three Uber Eats deliveries with no fee every six months. Based on driver availability, Platinum and Diamond members may receive faster pickups. For non-personal use or to order multiple copies, please contact Dow Jones Reprints at 1-800-843-0008 or visit www.djreprints.com. 3 points per eligible dollar spent on UberBlack and Black SUV But how much are the points worth? Now she’s studying UX design. Plus, other Uber benefits include discounts on financial management and health insurance. Uber drivers in California are suing the company over the “constant barrage” of messages on the app urging them to vote “Yes on Prop 22,” a measure that, if passed, would exempt Uber from a law requiring drivers to be classified as employees who would be owed benefits, rather than contractors. Uber Diamond or any other tier is suitable for any city that Uber serves. Improve your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. For the best Barrons.com experience, please update to a modern browser. She needed a way to get a degree to help her break into the field. Paul left Kenya with dreams of studying psychology in the US. Now he’s studying psychology. https://www.barrons.com/articles/uber-driver-rewards-program-car-costs-incentives-51563456019. Now she’s working on her degree. You can regain eligibility for tuition coverage by requalifying for Gold, Platinum, or Diamond status. Uber Diamond comes with Uber VIP benefits, but it isn’t limited to select cities. (The trip amount varies with geography.). Learn about Complimentary Upgrades Credits can be applied toward vehicle operation, lowering drivers’ cost of doing business. This is another excellent incentive. Why is the Airline Fee Credit going away? Drivers in the partner category need to maintain a 4.85 rating and a cancellation rate of just 4 percent. 22 million filed for unemployment in 4 weeks 09:33. Earn points one month at a time, and enjoy rewards through the following month. Uber Pro is a new rewards program (still in “Beta”) that is designed to help Uber drivers earn more money, save money on gas, and even cover college tuition! When you earn points and maintain at least a 85% rating from restaurants and your customers, you can unlock Gold, Platinum, and Diamond status and continue receiving rewards. To order presentation-ready copies for distribution to your colleagues, clients or customers visit http://www.djreprints.com. With Uber Rewards, you'll be able to earn points towards benefits that will save you time and empower you to have more flexibility and control. For those seeking to improve their English language skills, you can enroll in an English Language Learning (ELL) course to improve your reading, writing, and speaking abilities. He said Uber is prepared to create a system to pay for those benefits… Emily was a second-grade teacher with a goal to get a job in the tech industry. Starbucks Do I or my family member lose tuition coverage? Continuing education courses in English language &/or Entrepreneurship. Like all members, diamond members receive the perks of all lower membership levels. Shannon never had the chance to finish college. Credit amounts increase based on drivers’ Uber Pro tier: partner, gold, platinum and diamond. Students are responsible for taxes, textbooks, and technology. If you choose to pursue an undergraduate degree through ASU online, you will be required to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) during the enrollment process. Eligible family members only. Occasionally, Uber offers drivers a consecutive-ride bonus, which rewards them with extra pay if they accept three rides in a row, but if drivers cancel for reasons including an unaccompanied minor, they miss out on the additional money, said Dave, who asked that his last name not be published for fear of retaliation from his employers. is expanding a new rewards program for drivers. Write to Al Root at allen.root@dowjones.com. An error has occurred, please try again later. This copy is for your personal, non-commercial use only. As you reach higher status, you have the opportunity to unlock new rewards such as 100% tuition coverage at ASU online. Uber Pro is a new rewards program for drivers that can help you reach your goals on and off the road. The program is an example of the ride-hailing startup’s efforts to increase the supply of rides at peak-demand times by offering cash, or cash-equivalent, benefits to drivers. Shorter wait times are not guaranteed for any given airport pickup. “Uber Pro recognizes drivers for their commitment and quality, and we’re excited to bring Fair into the program’s unique set of rewards.” To maintain Pro status drivers also must have a 4.85 star rating. For those looking to grow their entrepreneurial skill set, ASU developed a 5-course program exclusively for Uber that teaches the foundational skills necessary to start, grow, and manage your own business. Distribution and use of this material are governed by our Subscriber Agreement and by copyright law. As you earn points and progress across our member levels, you'll gain access to benefits like flexible cancellations, price protection on a … Unlock this opportunity when you complete 3,000 trips and reach Uber Pro Gold, Diamond, or Platinum status. Next. Points earning breaks down like this: 1. Mention your tuition coverage through Uber to get started. The next top city for Uber Drivers in the USA is good old Philly! For those not seeking a degree, ASU offers 2 types of continuing education programs fully online for qualifying drivers or a family member. ; Platinum – 600 or 1200 points. Diamond benefits include premium support for both rides and Eats, matching you with more highly-rated drivers, 3 Uber Eats orders with a $0 delivery fee, as well as complimentary ride upgrades when available. We are always looking to evolve our Card benefits and services to ensure that we continue to provide relevant value to our Card Members that best meets their needs. The list of perks for Uber Drivers in Philadelphia may not be as long as others, but you still get the all-important Uber rewards for automotive maintenance and services. Drivers who have achieved Gold, Platinum, or Diamond status through the Uber Pro program in the US and have completed 3,000 or more lifetime trips are eligible to receive full tuition coverage for online courses at Arizona State University (ASU). Uber drivers will gain a few very useful perks for being Uber Pro Platinum and Uber Diamond. Is this a student loan or a reimbursement? You can use this opportunity for yourself or transfer it to an eligible spouse, domestic partner, child, sibling, parent, legal guardian, or dependent. When her husband, Darryn, a driver, qualified for tuition coverage, he immediately transferred it to her. Drivers are banding together in an attempt to make rideshare giants acknowledge and pay them as employees, not contractors. They also receive premium support, access to highly rated drivers, and complimentary upgrades. Uber Rewards is a way to earn Uber Cash and other rewards for riding with Uber or ordering with Uber Eats. Credit amounts increase based on drivers’ Uber Pro tier: partner, gold, platinum and diamond. Points reset after each calendar month. SoftBank Group Drivers are responsible for taxes, textbooks, and technology. Now, every time I call Uber support I hear the praise in the rep’s voice “And I want to thank you for being a top driver in your city and a Diamond Pro!” Benefits of Uber Pro. How does tuition coverage work? Nearly a month after the CARES Act expanded jobless aid to include gig workers, drivers for Lyft and Uber … Gold – 300 or 600 points. Uber Cash is a payment currency that can be used to pay for Uber rides or orders with Uber Eats. (9984.Japan). Uber also guarantees faster airport pickups for Platinum and Diamond drivers, which will also increase the profitability and earnings per hour of those designated drivers. Choose from more than 80 undergraduate degree programs. The goal was never to be a Diamond driver. The move also expands Uber Technologies’ partnership with Fair.com—a type of car-leasing service Uber drivers can also use to lower cost of vehicle operation. At 2,500 points you join Uber Platinum, which gets you the Gold benefits plus price protection on a route between two of your favorite places regardless of … We've detected you are on Internet Explorer. Qualifying drivers remain eligible for this reward as long as they maintain Gold, Platinum, or Diamond status and for an additional 3-month grace period if their Uber Pro status falls to Blue. You earn points during fixed one-month periods. Uber and Lyft drivers demand unemployment benefits. You and your family will not have to pay any tuition cost for that family member. Copyright ©2021 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Disclaimer: To receive 100% tuition coverage, you must have Uber Pro Gold, Platinum, or Diamond status and have completed 3,000 trips. You unlock Platinum by earning 2,500 points for your rides and Uber Eats orders. Who is eligible for full tuition coverage at ASU online? Along with different packages to suit every need, you can also get discounted membership for up to 5 family members. Once you join Uber Rewards, you’ll start earning points on rides and UberEats orders, Uber’s food delivery service, immediately. “Fair and Uber are committed to providing drivers from all walks of life the ability to choose a flexible vehicle solution,” Painter said in a company news release. Drivers who are Uber Pro Platinum will get to see trip duration and direction for any trip. If you’re interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree, you can also call ASU directly at 844-369-6587 to speak with a dedicated enrollment coach who can answer any questions you may have. Gold is the second level of Uber Rewards. Uber Technologies Gympass is the Uber wellness partner, offering Uber partner drivers access to countless gyms, studios and activities at locations to suit you. Don't have an account? Gold benefits include priority support for … Uber Technologies is imposing new fees on rides and deliveries in California to help pay for new benefits for gig drivers in the state. Sign In Email or mobile number. Platinum and Diamond drivers will skip the line entirely to get priority pick ups. So-called “Uber Pro driver partners” earn one credit per qualifying trip. Adds rewards like recognition as an Uber Pro in the app, and free roadside assistance. If you complete FAFSA and find that you qualify for student loans, you can use them to pay for the additional fees not covered such as textbooks and other supplies (approximately $650 per semester). Uber Pro divides drivers into four categories: partner, gold, platinum, and diamond.